Behind The Story – LIFELINE


Behind The Story – Lifeline

I’m going to bring you to behind the story of Line Line.

Well, curious about them? Check it out!

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Solo Travel 101 – under 21


Some Must-Know Wise Advices to Start Your Abroad Travel Alone

Been thinking of going abroad alone but still find it scary?

Or been putting this on your go to list but think that it’s too risky on your own?

Gotta follow my tips, to find out what you better do or better not to do while planning your first unforgettable trip ever!


1.Make Sure Yourself that You’re Brave enough to do it all on your own.


Just blowing out your 20 birthday candle? But think that you are still too young that you’re still under 21. If your willing to travel is strong enough, then you’ll be just fine.

Everything starts from yourself. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you will be completely alone spending your entire holiday in loneliness. There are a lot of new friends that are waiting for you! You probably still dont know them, be an open and easy-going person. Don’t ever be afraid to ask someone new if you find something unsure about, go ask them, they will help you out!

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Monthly Well-Spent, Groceries Shoppin

207“It wasn’t all my fault, i said.” confessing the truth for what I’ve done to myself.

“I did only some groceries, and nothing.”

last weekend shopping comes to a little fight between me and my friend. Where I still cant figure everything out, what’s my mistake, was it even a mistake? No, still holding on to myself, it wasn’t.

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LIFELINE — Part 1, 2, 3, 4 [Remake]

life-line-by-yolasekarini_2 (1)

Click on

LIFELINE – Part 1 [Remake]

LIFELINE – Part 2 [Remake]

LIFELINE – Part 3 [Remake]

LIFELINE – Part 4 [Remake]


Recommended K-Dramas

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well, knowing that yesterday was the fifth year having this site, so let’s post something to celebrate that.

I started to watch k-drama back in the time when i was a 9 grader. now im in the fourth semester of law school. i can still remember my very first k-drama was Lie to Me hahaha.

gotta say that i’m not a super addicted person for kdramas, but i like to watch. even tho cant watch it until so late, like other people, maybe, also i need to find out first if a drama worth to be watched, then start to watch, karna my kind of drama ga suka yang isinya cuma cinta melulu, hemm.

thats why i’m gonna be telling some good kdramas that I like the most with super interesting storyline, cos i can’t keep it alone ,and most of them bikin susah move on, trust me, ini dia rekomendasi best korean drama I’ve ever watched so far! Continue reading

INTRODUCING Lee Seungjae and Kang Jihyun

Meet Yeonhee’s older brother and Olivia’s beloved uncle as our second lead male.


gettin’ curious enough to see..?

cause it’s been so many years since we knew about Seungjae and Jihyun, dont you guys curious how they exactly look like?

So, here they are.

Kang Jihyun, one of the Kyuhyun and Donghae’s co-workers at hospital. been living with his 15-years-apart younger sister ever since their parents passed away years ago. His relationship to his sister was never been so good, the age gap is one of the reason. But his overtime work is the real main matter. He’s trying his best for Yeonhee without Yeonhee could ever realise. He cant be so good, but he’s trying not to be the worst one.

and Lee Seungjae, the office worker, no, he is the boss, literally. whom growing up a young girl to his older sister. Been become an only uncle to Olivia which parents died from a car accident while she was only 6.  Knowing that he isnt a good uncle for Olivia, but he is still working on it. For him, Olivia is just like a daughter.

meet them as u clicking the button

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Jung Sila menenangkan Donghae lewat tatapan matanya. Ini kali pertama Donghae terlihat begitu cemas di hadapan Sila, terlihat dari caranya menghembuskan napas dengan berat selama menunggu proses operasi yang berlangsung cukup lama. Sudah berjam-jam pula Sila terus berada di sisi Donghae untuk menguatkan pria itu dari kecemasannya. Sila dapat merasakan bagaimana Donghae berusaha menyembunyikan rasa khawatirnya dan berusaha untuk terlihat baik-baik saja di hadapannya, karena selama ini Donghae memang tidak pernah terlihat sebegitu khawatirnya.

Malam ini berbeda dengan malam-malam lainnya dimana Donghae terlihat luar biasa lelah, hal itu membuat Sila ingin sekali meminjamkan kedua bahunya agar Donghae bisa menyandarkan kepala, namun rupanya kekasihnya itu adalah seorang pria yang keras kepala, Donghae justru membuat Sila menyandarkan kepala di bahunya.

Satu hal yang sedari tadi Donghae terus lakukan adalah ia tidak pernah melepaskan tangan Sila dari tangannya. Ia terus menggenggamnya dengan erat. Sila memaklumi kebiasaan Donghae yang selalu menggenggam tangannya setiap kali merasa gugup. Ia mengusap sisi wajah Donghae dengan sebelah tangannya yang bebas dari genggaman. Donghae selalu memejamkan matanya sejenak tiap kali Sila menyentuh wajahnya karena Donghae selalu merasa nyaman ketika wajahnya bersentuhan dengan jari-jari halus milik Sila.

Sekitar setengah jam kemudian seorang dokter keluar dari ruang operasi dan menghampiri Donghae. Baik Donghae maupun Sila sama-sama sudah tidak asing lagi dengan sosok dokter ini. Donghae beranjak berdiri ketika Kang Jihyun melepas maskernya disusul oleh Sila beberapa detik kemudian. Continue reading

losing the things



Guten Abend,

Well, it’s been a pretty long time i don’t write anything since my last post. The reason is between i dont have much time to write and i’m just lazy to write. hehehe, antara ngga punya waktu sama males itu beda-beda tipis soalnya.

where should i start? from which part?

ah, in this post i’d like to talk much about some problems i recently have. i need some one to talk to, but if i talk in person, i rarely tell this kind of thing. so just let me keep talking (writing) or just ignore this post and go to another post, maybe you can go to my fanfiction posts, hehehe.

Lately, i have such many problems, actually i deserve to have fun instead of lament the things.

First Prob: Aku udah laaaaamma banget ngga masuk les bahasa Jerman di Pusat Studi Jerman di UGM, oh god, though i really want to join back the class and follow the lesson again, but unfortunately the schedule is not appropriate with my school schedule #schade. Actually i suppose to be in Level B1 in this December, but what can i do, i dont go to course since a loong time, so that i missed the lesson, they already on book 3, but i still struggling in book 2. Then i only passed level A1, i got stucked in the middle of level A2.

i also miss my friends there. yea, i make many friends since i’m the youngest there!! i miss the teachers that teach me. but, the course will be over in this month. udah ah, dari pada galau mikirin les jermanku yg udah ngga jelas arahnya, aku mau bahas yg lain lagi,

Second Prob: Actually this week i still follow the final semester exam, it will end this saturday from last friday, so it take more that one week! Tomorrow’s subjects are Indonesian and computer, so i dont have to study a lot, right? So here i am, surfing and browsing internet from after school non-stop until now, wkwk. i think, in this point, it’s not a problem, i’m just saying that in this week i can’t watching films or reading novels. Continue reading

Sleep Seeker



lately i feel like i’m lack of sleep.

Bed is everything.

letzte Woche haben wir viele Praktikum gemacht. aber jetzt alle ist fertig.

No more lab things.

so I can go home a little bit earlier for meeting my bed.

I think I’m lack of sleep, so that at school i really am very easy to feel sleepy, i felt like i can’t concentrate any more.

I should taking sleep for some hours but it only available on Sunday.

This is bad.

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Cheesy Things


The Connection Lost.

this is another late post, i wrote it on late June.


I know that i won’t talk about connection, or signal, or wifi, or whatever about that lost connection. I just don’t know what to name this post, should i just leave post or save it on my draft lists. Nope, i will just continue typing. You don’t see how i type this post, right, you people just reading. i got this title when i want to publish it and it shows one text, it said ‘connection lost’
After passing the promotion class exam, i feel a little bit relief, but, still, it doesn’t make me feel safe enough. i know that i’ve failed on some subjects. i think chemistry, math, javanese and physics are the worst so far. i lost the motivation to study hard or to keep waking up until midnight to study. I lost the things, failed on the next morning. To be honest, this examination week was the worst one ever.
I only got some good scores only in two subjects, it’s German and English, i got the highest score. 9,.. something.
I won’t talk about my failed exam any further, it was painful and extremely bitter. so we need just stop and change the topic.
After exam, it must be holiday, after the holiday, free time, school days off, then back to school again as a normal student,  I settled down into a routine school’s days and sleep in the night.
oh my god, i even don’t realise that in the short time, i will become one of twelve grader (the thing that i always avoid to in my high school days) What!? i should back to a period where i should focus on the national examination and have to looking for university!? Myself haven’t accept those reality.
Can i still blogging? can i still writing? can i still watching films? can i still sleeping and resting? Can i still talking to Timi? I think those won’t happen, but i hope it does.

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The Three Other People


The Minority of Gentlemen


Guys used to be dominant, guys used to be hero, guys used to be everything.

i dont do jokes. I’m not fooling around or something. I’m just telling the truth that the number of boys in my class are extremely small, almost zero. There are only THREElisten everyone, 3. There are only three boys among 23 girls, one muslim, and two catholics. 

one class that located beside my class also feel the same problem.

In my previous class, there was only six boys among 33 girls. But now its number decreased. Now it’s not six anymore, it’s three.

bayangin aja, dalam satu kelas yang seharusnya berisi tiga puluh anak, sekarang hanya dipakai oleh dua puluh tiga anak perempuan dan tiga orang anak laki-laki. The space remains is still big enough.

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