How thing ever comes?


It have been a month i didn’t even post a thing. I do sorry, the only reason why i didn’t posting is maybe i’m too busy watching movies, hah. To be very honest, i really miss my July month. Even I only went school for six days in whole July, still, I never think it was ever enough hehehe.. Uh, finally i can write again.

Ive never expected that July could become so much fun.

Run straight to the very main topic, i do have family from my mother side, but, i never met them for more than six years. I dont really know what makes me the way not too close with them all, is it maybe i live far apart, or is it maybe because we ever fought, the thing is i rare meet them. But last July, we did meet each other, not all, but most. It was a big deal.

The last time i met them was when i was still in elementary.

It felt so much different if i compare to my family from my father’s side. I’m the first grandchildren, i have two girl cousins, they are much younger than me, and, we are all girls. There are no boys among five grandchildren. they are stiff, not funny at all. i dont feel match with them, no chemistry at all. the worst is i’m the oldest grandchild. 

my fam from my father’s side never makes jokes. i never feel fun at. they are just too boring for me tbh.



Another thing that i missed from July is those free-days at home

i watch films, i sleep, i don’t bathing, i don’t study, i don’t make homework.

i watched five movies in a row. during that holiday i never felt bored, of course.

But, the class now start over again. i become the twelve grader, i hate become the last year student again, i’m facing exam in a short time. They got me sit apart from my bestie. Teachers makes me dont sit in the same class like i always hoping. i moved class, into science two, it was not that bad, but i lost friends.

new chairmate, new class room, new friends, new shoes, new books, but there is something new that makes me upset. THERE IS FRANCE WRITTEN ON MY SUBJECT TIMETABLE.

What is that mean? At first, i stupidly thought that it was only a typo, but why my teacher’s name doesn’t exist in teacher lists. i’m getting confuse, what if it is not a typo, the next day, i wrote my teacher a message, i asked if is it true that she is not our teacher anymore, but she only replied sorry, i only received such thing. When i asked her again, there is no more reply until this day.

why is it so useless we learned German for two years, and ended up with france, it’s not fair. we need three years of studying german. i do feel upset, but what i could do? nothing like always.


Okay, we almost reach the finish line. i’m gonna watch another movie, before i put myself on a very hard day that already waiting.

actually there are many things i should write on here, but i lost word, i’m not a good blog-writter, i’m the worst ever.

see you in weeks. (but i hope i will post another one in some days)






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