If Milk Turns Out To Be Sour


Today is a bright sunday morning.

but I always wonder why sunday always feels very fast. i mean it passed very quickly.

You can’t make it turn sweet again… ― Diane Wakoski

I wake up and realised that the air conditioner is off already. I forget that i set timer on it, turns itself off after five hours long. Last night i’m forget to re-set the timer. I only set timer for weekdays, it means i should showering every dawn, it freezing if the air conditioner keeps on until i wake up.

My bedroom was warm and getting hot. I turned my laptop which was still on, i forgot (again) that last night i was watching film on bed and i felt asleep when the movie even hasn’t finished yet. So i decided to continue for about thirty minutes until its finish. during that time i’m not switching on my air condition, because i cant find the remote. i’m too lazy to get out of the bed.

when the movie ends, i finally get off of the bed and walked out of the bedroom, i’m thirsty all night so i’m looking for some cold drink in refrigerator. i went there and opened it up. I found one chocolate milk, i remembered last night my younger sister also drink the same kind, so i took it and bring it back to bedroom.

i sat and insert the straw, i taste a little while my eyes still on laptop. (I’ve moved my laptop to desk before i’m taking drink, the battery was low because i didn’t turn it off all the night) i felt something weird from what i’ve tasted. but i’m just ignoring by thinking that weird taste maybe comes from my own tongue, i haven’t brush teeth and haven’t drink anything, so i really dont give so much attention.

i dont drink it for some times, until i try another gulp. Still same like the first time, i always bite the straw, and on this second swallow, i feel the same taste. I couldn’t describe how it tasted, but i’m sure enough that the milk is sour!!

OH. MY. GOD. I really am not expecting that the milk tasted sour. I dont try it another gulp, i throw it away. I rushed to bathroom beside my room, i tried to throw it out, but i can’t. i’m going to kitchen, looking for water, but can’t find glasses. i’m just drink that water without glasses. i really dont care as long as all person in my house are all still sleep, i’m the only one who already wake up.

And now, i’m still feel weird because of that sour chocolate milk. i feel something sour inside my mouth, it really is annoying and disturbing.

also, now, everyone already get up, except the middle.

okay, i gonna finish this sour milk story. It’s not my first time drinking sour milk. and all because the refrigerator was off. i’m checking the refrigerator and it turns out that my refrigerator was off.

last these late days, i always love to watched psychology movies, i meant beside it was interesting, it also makes us know how they are.

I become curios of mentally sick people.

We never ever know how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking,  and so on.

I recommend you to try watch movie about psychology things.


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