The Minority of Gentlemen


Guys used to be dominant, guys used to be hero, guys used to be everything.

i dont do jokes. I’m not fooling around or something. I’m just telling the truth that the number of boys in my class are extremely small, almost zero. There are only THREElisten everyone, 3. There are only three boys among 23 girls, one muslim, and two catholics. 

one class that located beside my class also feel the same problem.

In my previous class, there was only six boys among 33 girls. But now its number decreased. Now it’s not six anymore, it’s three.

bayangin aja, dalam satu kelas yang seharusnya berisi tiga puluh anak, sekarang hanya dipakai oleh dua puluh tiga anak perempuan dan tiga orang anak laki-laki. The space remains is still big enough.

Aku pernah mengalami hal yang berbeda tapi sama uniknya.

Dulu, when i was sitting on fifth grade of elementary school, the student number was only ten, but then one new student came joined us, so the number of student of our class increased by one. dalam sebelum murid tersebut, enam diantaranya adalah anak cowok, dan sisanya adalah lima anak cewek termasuk aku.

saat waktu aku kelas 5, aku mempunyai kakak kelas, dan jumlah murid kelas enam di sekolahku hanya 5, tiga laki-laki dengan dua perempuan. coba kalian bayangkan sendiri bagaimana serunya sekolah dengan jumlah teman satu kelas yang tidak banyak.

The thing is women are dominant now.


08. 11. 2014

August 17, 2014

My Beloved Country Turns 69

Today is the independence day of Indonesia and we have to attending the flag ceremony.

Even it was extremely hot, but we keep standing there.

Well, ten minutes ago i’m just losing this site’s password. I don’t what is happened, i just can’t open my wordpress, although i already insert the password. I got panic, what if i can’t open this wp anymore?

This is not the first time i’m forget my own password, i ever once forgot my blog password at blogger, but fortunately i can change it, so until now i don’t dare to sign it out.

yesterday my sister borrowed my laptop and she signed out my wordpress (she asked my permission first, and i let her signed out my wp) and today i want to make one new post, but when i try to log in, i enter the password and it won’t open like it used to be. the column was shaking as i try another password. i only have two possibility, but both of them were incorrect.

what is wrong..? why i can’t access my own wp? then after tried so many times, i need help, i clicked on the forgot password and i enter my e-mail there, but the next step was inserting phone number, i enter but i turned error. i almost crying, i didn’t stop trying to the step, i repeated hundred times, and i enter my old number, it works! i can change my password and i can log in!! that’s why i can make this post.



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