The Connection Lost.

this is another late post, i wrote it on late June.


I know that i won’t talk about connection, or signal, or wifi, or whatever about that lost connection. I just don’t know what to name this post, should i just leave post or save it on my draft lists. Nope, i will just continue typing. You don’t see how i type this post, right, you people just reading. i got this title when i want to publish it and it shows one text, it said ‘connection lost’
After passing the promotion class exam, i feel a little bit relief, but, still, it doesn’t make me feel safe enough. i know that i’ve failed on some subjects. i think chemistry, math, javanese and physics are the worst so far. i lost the motivation to study hard or to keep waking up until midnight to study. I lost the things, failed on the next morning. To be honest, this examination week was the worst one ever.
I only got some good scores only in two subjects, it’s German and English, i got the highest score. 9,.. something.
I won’t talk about my failed exam any further, it was painful and extremely bitter. so we need just stop and change the topic.
After exam, it must be holiday, after the holiday, free time, school days off, then back to school again as a normal student,  I settled down into a routine school’s days and sleep in the night.
oh my god, i even don’t realise that in the short time, i will become one of twelve grader (the thing that i always avoid to in my high school days) What!? i should back to a period where i should focus on the national examination and have to looking for university!? Myself haven’t accept those reality.
Can i still blogging? can i still writing? can i still watching films? can i still sleeping and resting? Can i still talking to Timi? I think those won’t happen, but i hope it does.

Let bygones, be bygones. Hah, I still can’t stand my self to not laughing.
Oh ya, one thing i want to do on this week is, go to ___________ well, i wont tell you, since i want keep it secrets.
By the way, i just finished watching Ladda Land, and it was GREAT. i really am excited watching that kind of movie. I’m too lazy to describe the movie. just watch it, i recommend you people to watch. if you already watched it, did you feel the same thing?
mmm, K-Drama that i just finished was Cunning Single Lady! Ah..! It was too sweet!
on this ramadhan holiday, i will join one cooking class. fyi, i love cooking.
What again now?
hmmm, oh ya, i still confuse on which university  will i go in. despite next year i will go to university but until now i still haven’t decided what faculty match me best.
should i take Law? my mother suggests me to go on Law (i know why she asks me on Law, because in a short time, she will be a notary) Tbh, i would rather choose international relation, but to pass it, i heard that people fight really hard to enter this faculty.
About our movie project? i really don’t understand the plot, i’m just nodding when they’re busy talking. Become the figurant for some scenes was not that bad, except the scene of me where i was dating my friend., it was insane. totally nuts.
How the fate of my other fam out there?
I think i should meet them in advice then set up for one family meeting. Discuss how the family  will going, how we should take decision to hold our relation so its not broken.
The family will be collapse, we should choose one plan to save ours soon.
One thing you should know, it’s not who i usually talk with. This one is my imaginary one. the point is cousins are all waiting.
I wanna write more, but i suddenly feel sleepy, eyes become heavy to open, neck becomes hard to stand, i need some peace sleep, why don’t you meet me tomorrow morning? bring me toasted bread with peanut jam and a cup of tea for breakfast, fortunately I’m not the one who diet, so bring some.
Greeting from Timi,
Hi, People!
Oh sorry, i should say Bye, instead of hi. Okay, now, Timi is speaking!
How was her writing? Still absurd like always? i know that her writing must be terrible.
I think i never shown up, because she never letting me involve in this blog world. She also never tells about my existence, what ever she does, please just understand.
UH, i’m forget telling you that lately she really miss her doll society club, Tum Bacil. I don’t know why she keeps asking her mother about her doll society club, her mother thrown it away a few years ago, now only me that is left. i hope she will find out her doll society some days.
Sleep Seeker,
Y. S.

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