lately i feel like i’m lack of sleep.

Bed is everything.

letzte Woche haben wir viele Praktikum gemacht. aber jetzt alle ist fertig.

No more lab things.

so I can go home a little bit earlier for meeting my bed.

I think I’m lack of sleep, so that at school i really am very easy to feel sleepy, i felt like i can’t concentrate any more.

I should taking sleep for some hours but it only available on Sunday.

This is bad.

Soon, maybe two until three months later, we will move to our own house that we build all this time, i will have a new bedroom, i wonder how should i prepare the new room, how should i choose the colour, and blah.

i can’t wait for the new bedroom!

Also, i miss pillow, blanket, and bed for sure.

i miss sleep-time, dim light in my bedroom, and the soft fragrance with the dolls.

September will over in a short time, i make this post because there was something to be told.

Two weeks ago, i checked my eyes, and they revealed the truth that i have cylinder on my left and minus on my right.

That is why lately i can’t see as clear as i used to be.

started from the day i took my glasses, i use eye glasses, although, i’m not wearing this thing every time. because, i think i had chose wrong glasses, it makes me look so much older with glasses on.

maybe, later, when this one broken, i will change it to the stylish one.

so i can get my young-cute face back.

Have i told you about i review a movie titled ‘Envy’?

Go watch your self then you will realised that it was great!

mm, i think i should finish this writing, because ich muss schlafen gehen.

i have been busy all this month. i wish i can have spare time again!!

school will begin tomorrow morning, it will always continue.

the lesson are all waiting.

first subject at school for tomorrow morning will be France. I hate that reality.

and, the thing is tomorrow i have arrive at school before 6.30 am.

or sit outside the class.

Bye-bye pillows,



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