Meet Yeonhee’s older brother and Olivia’s beloved uncle as our second lead male.


gettin’ curious enough to see..?

cause it’s been so many years since we knew about Seungjae and Jihyun, dont you guys curious how they exactly look like?

So, here they are.

Kang Jihyun, one of the Kyuhyun and Donghae’s co-workers at hospital. been living with his 15-years-apart younger sister ever since their parents passed away years ago. His relationship to his sister was never been so good, the age gap is one of the reason. But his overtime work is the real main matter. He’s trying his best for Yeonhee without Yeonhee could ever realise. He cant be so good, but he’s trying not to be the worst one.

and Lee Seungjae, the office worker, no, he is the boss, literally. whom growing up a young girl to his older sister. Been become an only uncle to Olivia which parents died from a car accident while she was only 6.  Knowing that he isnt a good uncle for Olivia, but he is still working on it. For him, Olivia is just like a daughter.

meet them as u clicking the button

jihyun seungjae

SO here you go, Kang Jihyun as Yeonhee’s cold-so-serious-but-still-so-hot older brother

and Olivia’s badass uncle.

who wants to be theirs?

pls let me know if u guys like them too huhuhu

well, these gentlemen are livin in my mind for years.

so close enough to how Jihyun and Seungjae look like in real life.

And im thinking to put them into the main characters instead, cos they’re so hot. hahaha

you see, that cold gentle looking eyes of Jihyun explains a lot to how he actually is. And also that attractive looking belongs to the hot uncle Seungjae. no wonder he dates a lot, which Olivia cant help but she admits that many women fall for her uncle.

ps. im not so much into photoshop, so lets just dont mind it hehehhe. well, i didnt mean to ruin anybody’s imagination of both Jihyun and Seungjae, but im trying out to tell what is in my head about them. fyi, they are mid-ages, not as young as u expected, important to know that they are actually 30 something baby. remember, they are not a cute school boy anymore, they are growing up somebody else. and been working so hard for that.

last but not least, so if u miss these two hot ahjussi(s), please stay on reading.

luv, y.


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