YOLASEKARINI. People call me Yola

Hi, its me, a curly-haired girl. Welcome to my personal blog. let me introduce myself, okay, mulai dari yang paling standard, namaku Yola Sekarini and people always called me Yola, despite a few of them called me sekar or ola or rini or utami (utami is my last name for sure). i was born about 16 years ago in February.

One thing you should know about me is I always love Grizzly Bear.

Who is a lucky guy that i loved the most? Just for information, he is already 30 something hahaha

I’m not sure whether you know him or not. but, I really am excited that you guys dont know him.

So I become the only person who know him. and I completely have him hohoho ;p

why he became someone that I liked most?

Cause he’s really my ideal type.

see, at the age of 30 years stepped on, he looks very cute.

I’m always tempted to a man with a high level of sexiness. but still looks cute

TWITTER ACCOUNT : @yolasekar

But i warn you in advice that i don’t tweeting much. I don’t really like making some new tweets or having conversation on Twitter.

 I warned you again to not open instead.

I don’t really use social media, people. But my e-mail is always on. I prefer sending e-mails than busy of making tweets. Even, sometimes i talked to my father on yahoo.  


On other thing should tell is i love taking photos of my friends and fam, i collect them all, and make it into one cute video.

And for my real friends at school, most of them dont know that i have this kind of personal web. I’ll just keep it secrets.

They only know me as Yola who always do some things silly and freak

Yola who always laughing and did all those fool things

Yola who always acts childish in every single time

They dont know that i have my own side in here

I still trapped in the last year of high school, how bad!?

And i go to university after i finish high school

I won’t tell you much about who i am. Because im sure that you won’t to.

I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better. – Plutarch

About this blog

I made this blog just because my sister asked me to create a wordpress. And after i made, i dont know what to do after.

In fact, it was not my first wordpress. Before, i had one but i feel bad with the url. So i decided to make new wordpress. And i left the old wp and moved to here.


Why i named this blog with dreamy light?

If i tell you the truth, there was nothing behind its name. But now, i have one reliable answer, it’s DELIGHT. I dont know where did it come from, i just feel it was a delight for having a personal web.

I hope this blog can give us much delight! Hehehehe.

Hmm, what again? I have no idea to write. Thanks for visiting this blog.

And i really hope that i could write more often next time.

do not be afraid and reluctant to me. eating people isnt my hobby.


Yola Sekarini


8 responses »

  1. ulfa imnida 98line . hi! Utami right . nice to meet you

  2. ariestajung says:

    Halooo eonnie 🙂
    Eonnie mau gabung sama High School Fanfiction ga?
    Kalo mau aku seneng deh soalnya aku lagi ikut event di sana yang mengharuskan aku nyari sebanyak-banyak author 🙂
    kalo eonnie minat bisa visit kesini ya
    ntar eonnie pake format pendaftaran yang PERSYARATAN MENJADI AUTHOR KHUSUS NOVEMBER’S EVENT
    tolong tulis nama perekomendasinya : Ariesta Jung
    semoga eonnie mau dan ditunggu jawabannya
    kamsahamnida eonnie 🙂

    • yolasekarini says:

      Oh my, im so sorry for ignoring this very interesting offer but i dont think to join there because i already being an author for 3 sites u.u

      Overall, my writing skill is so bad! Hihihi. Many readers said that my fanfic made they get confused!

  3. ainayanf says:

    haii~ ka yolaa^^ nai imnida, 01liner hereXD jogja ya ka? nai bekasi hehe._. shaf(x)tion, minho-krystal biasXD

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