Gone Baby Gone


Turndown Feeling of Heart.


This post is a late post. It only based on what i’ve wrote on phone’s note. I’ll show you what was i write on phone a night before i come back to school, that night, i still watching movies fyi.

I wont put all those notes that i exported so it becomes image file. because i wont ruin my image by looking to my bad handwriting.

Idea note_20140805_215556_01


okay i’ll just continue the paragraph depends on what i really write.

Do you ever heard about that movie? I think that movie was very great.

You know, i rarely cry when i’m watching movie, but now i do crying.

The last time i cried by watching movie was when i watched Hachiko. It has been a pretty long time since i watched Hachiko.

A Beautiful Mind is about a doctoral degree student named John. He was genius in Math. So that he went to the top university in his country.

He is obsessed in Math. But he had a ‘weird’ thing. That is why he didn’t make many friends at university.

After he was getting married, his wife discovered that her husband needs to go to the hospital. And she was right. His husband really sick.

He has a syndrome, i’m not sure too but it’s kind of disease.

He has illusions, so that he has to take some medications.

He quits work.

But for a very long time, his wife never tired to supports him all the time.

Until he back to work and continue solving math problem by ignoring his delusions’ friends.

The movie was made in 2001. So the main cast, Russell, already old now.

He was pretty handsome in that movie.

Even he is four years older than my father.



nb: He received nobel prize in 1994.


Today, i watched 3.5 movies. because i only watched the last one hour of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 at three in the morning.

And then i watched Flight Plan after taking breakfast.

Then in the afternoon i watched Indonesian movie named Pintu Terlarang. It has been a long time since the last time i watched indonesian movie, so i decided to watch one.

I watch Pintu Terlarang with my two sisters, sausages, nuggets, and fried eggs i made by myself.

Then after dinner i watched A Beautiful Mind.

It was such a great movie I ever watched so far.


Tomorrow morning i will go back to school.

I can’t imagine how my school life will looks like?

I wonder if there will no free time for me to watch movie that I always have done during the holiday.

There will be also a national examination. I just feeling worry. I don’t know why i’m feeling this way but it does pretty disturbing me. Although I always ignoring this kind of feeling and pretend i dont worry anything. But to be very honest i really am worry.

I wonder is it because i bore high school?

I dont have idea, but i dont have much spirit for passing this last year of high school.

Yes. Sometimes i worry the way too much.

I wanna get job.

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Breaking Sunday Morning



If Milk Turns Out To Be Sour


Today is a bright sunday morning.

but I always wonder why sunday always feels very fast. i mean it passed very quickly.

You can’t make it turn sweet again… ― Diane Wakoski

I wake up and realised that the air conditioner is off already. I forget that i set timer on it, turns itself off after five hours long. Last night i’m forget to re-set the timer. I only set timer for weekdays, it means i should showering every dawn, it freezing if the air conditioner keeps on until i wake up.

My bedroom was warm and getting hot. I turned my laptop which was still on, i forgot (again) that last night i was watching film on bed and i felt asleep when the movie even hasn’t finished yet. So i decided to continue for about thirty minutes until its finish. during that time i’m not switching on my air condition, because i cant find the remote. i’m too lazy to get out of the bed.

when the movie ends, i finally get off of the bed and walked out of the bedroom, i’m thirsty all night so i’m looking for some cold drink in refrigerator. i went there and opened it up. I found one chocolate milk, i remembered last night my younger sister also drink the same kind, so i took it and bring it back to bedroom.

i sat and insert the straw, i taste a little while my eyes still on laptop. (I’ve moved my laptop to desk before i’m taking drink, the battery was low because i didn’t turn it off all the night) i felt something weird from what i’ve tasted. but i’m just ignoring by thinking that weird taste maybe comes from my own tongue, i haven’t brush teeth and haven’t drink anything, so i really dont give so much attention.

i dont drink it for some times, until i try another gulp. Still same like the first time, i always bite the straw, and on this second swallow, i feel the same taste. I couldn’t describe how it tasted, but i’m sure enough that the milk is sour!!

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I missed July


How thing ever comes?


It have been a month i didn’t even post a thing. I do sorry, the only reason why i didn’t posting is maybe i’m too busy watching movies, hah. To be very honest, i really miss my July month. Even I only went school for six days in whole July, still, I never think it was ever enough hehehe.. Uh, finally i can write again.

Ive never expected that July could become so much fun.

Run straight to the very main topic, i do have family from my mother side, but, i never met them for more than six years. I dont really know what makes me the way not too close with them all, is it maybe i live far apart, or is it maybe because we ever fought, the thing is i rare meet them. But last July, we did meet each other, not all, but most. It was a big deal.

The last time i met them was when i was still in elementary.

It felt so much different if i compare to my family from my father’s side. I’m the first grandchildren, i have two girl cousins, they are much younger than me, and, we are all girls. There are no boys among five grandchildren. they are stiff, not funny at all. i dont feel match with them, no chemistry at all. the worst is i’m the oldest grandchild. 

my fam from my father’s side never makes jokes. i never feel fun at. they are just too boring for me tbh.



Another thing that i missed from July is those free-days at home

i watch films, i sleep, i don’t bathing, i don’t study, i don’t make homework.

i watched five movies in a row. during that holiday i never felt bored, of course.

But, the class now start over again. i become the twelve grader, i hate become the last year student again, i’m facing exam in a short time. They got me sit apart from my bestie. Teachers makes me dont sit in the same class like i always hoping. i moved class, into science two, it was not that bad, but i lost friends.

new chairmate, new class room, new friends, new shoes, new books, but there is something new that makes me upset. THERE IS FRANCE WRITTEN ON MY SUBJECT TIMETABLE.

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LIFELINE – Part 1 [Remake]


I don’t regret meeting you, I regret letting you into my heart only to have you break it.


Angin yang bertiup pada minggu pertama bulan Februari masih terasa menusuk, dinginnya berhasil membuat semua orang yang berada di luar rumah harus merapatkan mantel mereka masing-masing jika tidak ingin menggigil kedinginan. Sama halnya dengan Kyuhyun pagi hari ini, ia kembali merapatkan jas hitamnya sambil terus berjalan menuju stasiun subway bawah tanah. Ia berjalan menuruni tangga dan menyusuri setiap sudut stasiun kemudian berbelok di koridor mengikuti orang-orang yang juga hendak mengantri masuk melewati mesin scanner seraya menempelkan kartu mereka masing-masing di atas sebuah alat pemindai. Pintu gerbong kereta saat itu masih terbuka lebar ketika Kyuhyun sampai di dekat kereta yang berhenti, ia pun segera masuk ke dalamnya sambil mencari tempat duduk yang kosong. Pagi ini ia sudah berangkat jauh lebih pagi daripada kemarin, karena kemarin, ia tidak berhasil mendapatkan tempat duduk kosong dan terpaksa berdiri sepanjang perjalanan ke stasiun yang ia tuju. Tak lama setelah ia berhasil masuk ke dalam kereta, matanya kemudian tertuju pada satu tempat duduk kosong berada di antara dua orang yang tengah sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing, tidak ingin membuang waktu, Kyuhyun pun segera duduk di sana.

Kyuhyun menarik nafas sesaat kemudian menyadari bahwa kereta itu semakin padat, jam segini orang-orang memang hendak pergi ke kantor, sama seperti dirinya, ia tidak bisa menyalahkan siapa-siapa jika melihat pemandangan orang-orang yang duduk berhimpitan dengan bokong dan bahu menempel satu sama lain, tetapi pagi ini saja ia sudah mengumpat lebih dari tiga kali pada Donghae, ia ingin sekali mengumpat pada temannya yang telah membuat mobilnya masuk bengkel.

Sekitar lima hari lalu Donghae menghubunginya, malam itu Donghae mengatakan akan menjemput sepupunya di bandara, namun entah apakah Donghae benar-benar menjemput sepupunya atau tidak, Kyuhyun tidak peduli, yang jelas mobil itu pulang dengan keadaan yang menyedihkan. Aku menabrak tiang listrik ketika aku hendak bergerak mundur, itu yang Donghae katakan padanya, namun sepertinya Donghae tidak hanya menabrak tiang listrik, terlihat dari goresan-goresan yang terdapat di beberapa sisi mobil yang penyok. Kyuhyun menganggap mungkin malam itu Donghae mengantuk, Donghae juga tidak mungkin kan sengaja melakukan hal semacam itu pada sahabatnya sendiri.

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Oh it comes, Darling!


 I am taking exams

The exam begins today. To be very honest, i havent prepare much things, i prepared nothing at all.

Oh should i just get rid of here and go to somewhere to hide off. No. I better just here and face all those examination things.

So please. Please give me some money to buy some drinks for nights ahead. I need to stay awake even until midnight if i want some good results. But to keep myself up at night, of course, i need some drinks and martabak. Coffee seems a good idea, but since my tolerance level to caffein was just too little, so i will just drink tea or mizone hah. It’s better than i force myself to drink coffee with extreme stomachache on the next morning. It means i’ve just ruined things.

Friday is the first day of my class promotion exam until next saturday. Why exam takes more than a week!?

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People are going nowhere



Is there anyone still home?

Your Lovely Chef is waiting…


It was distressing me when all the people at home are all busy, they’re leaving home.

Hey, don’t expect me that they are all left me alone.

I’m the oldest, of course i have all those responsibility of taking care of my two other sisters.

I can’t come home late, the youngest keeps sending me messages, asks me to come back home fast.

Why doesn’t she force all other people to come back home instead of me?

One still pursuing something to bring home in other island, far from hometown. One still struggling with all those college-things, exams are waiting so far. And the remain still fight in hospital, he still hospitalized for weeks long.

Who can take me home? Uh-oh, i’m home already.

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The Youngest Had A Birthday


Now the youngest turned eight so far. Still kid, still acts all those child-things.

As i ever told you, I have two younger sisters, and the youngest one has her birthday on this day.

To be honest, i think i close to the youngest one than my other sister. Because whenever i shared to her, she just kept listening me without disturbing. I talked her about exo, film, drama, she just listen to me, despite i know that she doesn’t understand things i speak about. But i feel she just enjoying all those things, and so am I. But things out of film, exo, or drama, i always come to my other sister he-he-he.

Hey hey, you might don’t believe me, but she knows all exo and super junior members. She loves Luhan and Kris (the news about Kris leaving exo broke the youngest heart’s anyway), also Yesung.

I cant deny and pretend if she never bother me. She always bothers and annoys me as well. I got mad and become up set instead. Because sometimes she turns extremely annoying. i wont mention every single annoying things she often does, but it drives me crazy enough.

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2 Years of Blogging Out

P1030866 marchetti_1500_0_resize_90



How could i say? I have no idea what to tell you people since i wasn’t prepare anything. Im just hoping that this blog will keep exists until a very long time. 

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. — Voltaire


I remember that day when i created this blog. i was third grader of middle school.

And now im in second year of high school.

Although im not posting much, but i still taking care of this web. The reason why i rarely post something here is because i had no time for blogging. I’m too busy to my school-life, the class ended at 1 or 2 pm, but after class ended we still have doing all those lab-things. The homework papers that never ended, the task that never finished. I cant divide my time well. So i just giving up of time and just taking my self to bed.

But i admit that i dont write that often, i just write whenever i have idea to write. /slapped/

Can i say something else?

Actually i really want to build up some characters that already stayed inside of my mind, but until this day, i still keep it secret. i tell no one about this. Because I’m looking forward for the perfect time to announce you people that i have them.

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Please, guys. Something already goes wrong.




I’ve passed through this two weeks with all those ‘scandal’


All my friends in class, thought that there was something happened between me and my friend, i won’t tell you who is, since you people already knew, and they started to teasing both of me and him. Oh, its getting worse and worst. how not, every minute, every time, every day, they search something to be teased, then teasing me again.


to be honest, indeed, i don’t feel angry or mad instead, i’m just laughing every time they teasing me,us. how should i do, facing all those people that keep teasing me with that person. Please, guys, we are all just friends. 


hahaha, it’s funny, isn’t? when you guys making me look stupid or when you people teasing me. But, overall, i’ll just keep it secret, hahaha.


*nb: Oh ya, i felt like i was a celebrity that you people took photos of me and him whenever i talked to him.


to my friend that paired with me, at least you should a little bit proud that you’ve paired with one unyu person. Cheers.


I won’t make it long, then,

I need sleep, good night.



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Ich habe eine Freundin


Der beste Weg, einen Freund zu haben, ist der, selbst einer zu sein.

sie ist nett und freundlich.

Ich über mich zu teilen, so ist sie. Sie mir zuhören sehr wohl.

obwohl Freunde können nicht ewig sein, und sie kann am Ende nicht zusammen

hallo, gibt. Können wir irgendwann mal treffen?

Can we meet someday?

We talked many things, yours, mine, every single thing we shared together, even just lunch or meal.

I said “Heute war extrem heiß. Ich sterbe vor Durst.”

“Hier is kalt, ich hasse Schnee.” then you replied. 

“Schicke ich Ihnen ein Bild., then you should go to that Chinese restaurant.”


ah, treffen sich irgendwann. sich gegenseitig besuchen, was wir geplant haben,