hi! I’m back again. Well, this time i’m going tell u about my boyfriends  supercute namjas! >.<

1. Kyuhyun, Cho.


i don’t know why exactly i liked him, maybe because first time i saw him, he’s pretty handsome enoughand of course i loved him because he’s over cute.

2. Siwon, Choi.


oh this gentleman guy made me falling in love at the first sight! and made me love super junior. yup, firstly i knew super junior i only knew siwon then, i started to search more about siwon, and he became my first bias. i love him much, with his firm body~ uh-oh nevermind! Love is being stupid together. -Paul Valery

3. Donghae, Lee.


This mokpo fish- different with Kyuhyun and siwon, this fish is the shortest one if we compare to 2 men above. but i love him no matter what. this man has a really cute smile and young face altough he’s a cool guy. No one is perfect.. that’s why pencils have erasers. -Unknown Author.


Kyuhyun-Siwon Couple

And i love Kyuhyun-Siwon couple. They’re really impressive couple ever. of course i love KyuWon moments too! really funny and they’re complement each other- Siwon with his gentle and mature manner and Kyuhyun who looked like a little boy when he’s nearby to Siwon. The language of frienship is not words but meanings. -Henry David Thoreau.

tumblr_lbuz7wEdKJ1qayxtco1_500   168683_105208659553750_100001938490488_43506_3421858_n  kedekatan-siwon-kyuhyun-suju-02 kyuhyun-siwon-super-junior-Favim.com-267074

-Yola Sekarini-cute-donghae-korean-boy-kyuhyun-siwon-Favim.com-330511

Love, Yola.

Just for your information, i still have another cute boys as i ever mentioned on my posts. I still have no time to insert them in here. Please, give me more time! Argh, less then two weeks i will face CLASS PROMOTION EXAM. Being the twelve grader? Oh-NO! My time for blogging..? Of course i won’t have any.

See You in Years!


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